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__Redline Aerospace LLC is an aerial production company founded by pilots to make filming by air easier for producers. We're dedicated to making professional, reliable aerials happen.

__Redline specializes in aerial production and military advisory for film, commercials, TV and VR. Founder Christopher Vasquez was an advisor to Director Gavin Hood on Eye in the Sky and helped add military phrases for Michael Bay on both 13 Hours and Transformers 5.

__Our work includes commercial flying for Ford, Nikon, Enel and military drama Valor on the CW.

__We use several types of drones, jet aircraft and well-trained crew to create a seamless connection in your story. Shooting on Arri, Red or Sony is no problem, we'll match the look you need. Consider using us the next time you'd like a new perspective or a fluid shot along the ground without laying tracks. Or if you'd like to train your talent to look and sound like aircrew, we can do that too.

__We're based in Henderson, Nevada and have flown for productions in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Atlanta. We're open to flying anywhere you need us.

__Listed in Nevada Film Office production resources and selected as a Nevada Emerging Business two years running.

Redline where Cinema and Aviation Intersect

Part of our process is to ensure we fit in to your production in terms of both look and quality. Arri or Red, Sony or Panasonic. Even VR. We fly it.

.FAA Rated Commercial, ATP & Part 107 Drone Pilots

Our crews have experience with TV, VR and digital effects specialists. We've flown in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Atlanta. Redline is notable for:

Highly Experienced Pilots

  • Christopher Vasquez, Chief Pilot - 3,500 Hours Commercial Multi & Part 107
  • Wei Chen, Pilot - 2,700 Hours ATP

Exceptional Imaging

  • Can fly and film up to Large Format Film standards using professional cinema lenses
  • Hand-held or gimbal stabilization with wireless control air or ground

Advisory Services

  • Military or aviation scenes: we can assist with dialogue and train talent to look and sound authentic
  • CG aircraft: we can assist from start to finish, including aircraft movement
About Us

Christopher Vasquez: A former US Air Force F-16 fighter pilot; Command Pilot / Instructor Pilot with FAA Commercial rating and a Part 107 drone rating with over 23 years of flight experience. Member of Classic Jet Aircraft assoc.

Wei Chen: ATP rated and owns/flies TBM700, Citation V, L-39 and Nanchang CJ-6. First Chinese citizen to circle the globe in a single engine aircraft and first to land a single engine general aviation airplane at Beijing Capital International Airport. Member of Red Star Pilot association and Classic Jet Aircraft assoc.

Together Chris and Wei lead Redline Aerospace, an aerial media production company with experience in commercials, TV and Virtual Reality flown in the air on jet aircraft or drones. Their combined flight experience, business expertise and cinema-grade systems make Redline a go-to production company for projects of any size.

.Purpose is Production, Value is Aviation

Our mission is to connect production with aviation safely, reliably and professionally. See our work on the CW Channel in Valor, with Picrow for Ford and in VR for Enel.
Integrate with Production or fly independently

Redline can integrate with production, work with your DPs and train your camera operators to use our systems while we fly. We also offer safety and location assistance to ensure the flight path will be clear and ready for use. independently

Here's a behind the scenes look at a Ford Commercial.

We also operate as a production unit to film independently including all scouting, permits and permissions for flight.

Here's an example of an independent Redline production.

Top Equipment with Exceptional Crews

Pre-production planning, post production support

We assist with project preparation in development and script phase. We also like to connect artists with aviation. Our work with Photographer Pat Molnar won the Communication Arts Magazine’s 57th Annual Photography Competition.

Support doesn't end when production does. We can help picking the best bits to quickly integrate the best take into production. We can also assist with aviation specifics like continuity, authenticity and even dialogue. We have also advised at effects houses for authentic CGI work related to aviation.

SAG/AFTRA SOC associate member, $2,000,000 insured

We're able to provide on-camera SAG/AFTRA talent, exclusive stock aerial footage (Red Epic-W and Sony A7RII) and aviation stills from our collection.

Connect with us online or at an airshow

Redline's at several airshows and jet clinics this year. If you're nearby, we'd love to meet you.

  • CJAA Sheboygan, WI
  • EAA AirVenture, Oshkosh, WI
  • Aviation Nation, Nellis AFB, NV

(Updated information to follow as we set our schedule.)


Redline is where Cinema and Aviation Intersect

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